Expert grilling demands high temps (exceeding 1,000°) to sear in the precious juices of a good piece of meat or fish. No other heat source can match the heat intensity of a real wood burning fire. Grilling at anything less than 1,000° is really ‘baking’ your food and won’t achieve the rich flavors and moistness of food grilled over a wood fire.

GRILLING… #1 - High temp grilling exceeds 1,000° over a direct fire #2 - Sear both sides of food for 2 to 4 minutes #3 - Close lid, lower coal tray, cook until done.

Steaks, Chops, Burgers, Chicken Breasts, Stir Fry.
‘Old Time Barbeque’ like Grandpa used to cook is done to perfection on The Cajun Grill. And that’s not all! Today, the best gourmet dishes are cooked over a wood fire; like Pizza - Seafood - Wild Game - and even Grandpa’s BBQ Chicken. Other grills might be faster or more convenient, but the best BBQ demands slow cooking over a wood fire. So, DON’T RUSH IT!

"QUE-ING… #1 - Medium temperature cooking: 300° - 400°F #2 - Cook directly over a smoldering fire #3 Once fire is lit, lower coal tray and close air vents

Sausage, Chicken, Chops, Fish, Shrimp, Hot Dogs, Veggies.
Although there are many styles of smoking, all rely on an indirect heat source to smoke foods slowly. We recommend a constant temp of 225° until the food’s internal temp is just right. No matter what your style - the Super Cajun Grill with Smoker Box Attachment can maintain temps between 180° and 350° insuring the very best results every time

SMOKING…#1 - Use only hardwood charcoal and/or wood (not gas or briquets) #2 - Use indirect heat #3 - Maintain 200° - 225°F

Brisket, Turkey, Ribs, Fish, Duck, Whole Chickens.
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