Super Stainless Cajun Grill
Full Description: Super Stainless Steel Cajun Grill : This bbq grill charcoal grill features: heavy 16 gauge 304 Stainless construction, 714 square inch area, 34 inch x 21 inch two piece baked on black porcelain cooking grids, adjustable aluminum air vents, adjustable 12 ga charcoal tray, and removable ash pan.

This BBQ Charcoal Grill is probably the last charcoal grill you will ever buy! The Cajun Grill is built to cook for a lifetime. After years of fine-tuning, today s Cajun Grill is welded to meet tough strength and quality standards.   Write this one into your Will, your family will be fighting over this one.
All Cajun Grills are backed by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY from the date of purchase from defects in workmanship and materials. The coal tray has an UNCONDITIONAL 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Due to The Cajun Grill's unique charcoal tray design, start up time is as fast as any grill...usually the time it takes to season and prepare your food - Used with any environmentally safe fire starter, The Cajun Grill can reach Hi-Temp heat in approximately 15 minutes.

Quick grill Steaks - Filets - Shishkabob - Chops - up to 900 searing degrees and with flavor of an open fire (charcoal, lump hardwood charcoal, or wood). Don't worry, your Cajun can take the HEAT!

Whole Salmon, Tuna, Redfish, Ducks, Geese, any Poultry can be smoked to perfection!

Brisket - Ribs - Side of Beef - whole Pig Roasts. With temps as low as 200 degrees, The Cajun Grill is perfect for old time BBQ Chicken with no flare-ups.

$4,771   PGI-100SS

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